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Big Board top 100

The following is how I rank the top prospect in the upcoming 2010 NFL Draft. Positional value has no influence on the big board and its ranked completely on the individuals physical and mental skillset.

Big Board

1. Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska
2. Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma
3. Eric Berry, S Tennessee
4. Russell Okung, OT Oklahoma State
5. Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma State
6. Joe Haden Florida, CB Florida
7. Brian Bulaga, OT Iowa
8. Derrick Morgan, DE Georgia Tech
9. CJ Spiller, RB Clemson
10. Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame
11. Sergio Kindle, OLB Texas
12. Dan Williams, DT Tennessee
13. Rolando McClain, MLB Alabama
14. Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma
15. Brandon Graham, DE Michigan

16. Taylor Mays, S USC
17. Kyle Wilson, CB Boise State
18. Anthony Davis, OT Rutgers
19. Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma
20. Earl Thomas, S Texas
21. Charles Brown, OT USC
22. Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri
23. Jason Pierre-Paul
24. Mike Iupati, G Idaho
25. Maurkice Pouncey, C Florida
26. Ryan Matthews, RB Fresno State
27. Jared Odrick, DT Penn State
28. Jerry Hughes, OLB TCU
29. Golden Tate, WR Notre Dame
30. Kareem Jackson, Alabama

31. Jahvid Best, RB California
32. Devin Mccourtey, CB Rutgers
33. Everson Griffen, DE USC
34. Nate Allen, S South Florida
35. Rob Gronkowski, TE Arizona
36. Brian Price, DT UCLA
37. Carlos Dunlap, DE Florida
38. Lamar Houston, DT Texas
39. Jermaine Gresham, TE Oklahoma
40. Damian Williams, WR USC
41. Bruce Campbell, OT Maryland
42. Tyson Alualu, DT California
43. Morgan Burnett, S Georgia Tech
44. Demayrius Thomas, WR Georgia Tech
45. Ricky Sapp, OLB Clemson

46. Patrick Robinson, CB Florida
47. Roger Saffold, OT Indiana
48. Arrelious Benn, WR Illinois
49. Corey Wootton, DE Northwestern
50. Domonique Franks, CB Oklahoma
51. Terrence Cody, DT Alabama
52. Eric Norwood, OLB South Carolina
53. Brandon Ghee, CB Wake Forrest
54. Chad Jones, S LSU
55. Jonathan Dwyer, RB Georgia Tech
56. Colt McCoy, QB Texas
57. Austen Lane, DE Murray State
58. Navorro Bowman, OLB Penn State
59. Anthony McCoy, TE USC
60. Alex Carrington, DE Arkansas State

61. Montario Hardesty, RB Tennessee
62. Brandon Lafell, WR LSU
63. Tim Tebow, QB/ATH Florida
64. Daryll Washington OLB, TCU
65. Chris Cook, CB Virginia
66. Jason Worilds, OLB Virginia Tech
67. Aaron Hernandez, TE Florida
68. Vladimir Ducasse, OT UMass
69. Dexter McCluster, WR/RB Ole Miss
70. Thaddeus Gibson, OLB Ohio State
71. Toby Gerhardt, RB Stanford
72. Donald Butler, MLB Washington
73. Linval Joseph, DT East Carolina
74. Jason Fox, OT Miami
75. Greg Hardy, DE Ole Miss

76. Mike Johnson, OG Alabama
77. Ben Tate, RB Auburn
78. Jared Veldheer, OT Hillsdale
79. Carlton Mitchell, WR South Florida
80. Cam Thomas, DT North Carolina
81. Koa Misi, OLB Utah
82. Matt Tennant, C Boston College
83. Anthony Dixon, RB Mississippi State
84. Amari Spievey, CB Iowa
85. Arthur Jones, DT Syracuse
86. Sean Jones, S Georgia
87. Perrish Cox, CB Oklahoma State
88. Geno Atkins, DT Georgia
89. Sean Lee, MLB Penn State

90. John Jerry, OG Ole Miss
91. Jerome Murphy, CB South Florida
92. Ed Dickson TE, Oregon
93. Torrell Troup, DT UCF
94. Jordan Shipley, WR Texas
95. Joe McKnight, RB USC
96. O’Brien Schofield, OLB Wisconsin
97. Jacoby Ford, WR Clemson
98. Akwasi Owusu-Ansa, CB Indiana (PA)
99. Major Wright, S Florida
100. Jarret Brown, QB West Virginia


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Defensive Tackles

The depth of this years Defensive Tackles is one of the best in years, theres a possibility that five of them all go in the first round and two of them could be off the board when Tampa Bay announces their first overall pick.

While the talent is very good at the top, the level of depth is also great. It will be possible to find a high impact players in even later rounds, this might be the best year for  DTs that I have ever had the pleasure to watch. Here are my rakings of the 2010 Defensive Tackles:

1: Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska

Height: 6″4
Weight: 307

Pros: Suh has good size for an interior lineman. Has superb agility and quickness of the snap which together with his excellent size/strength ratio allows him to get into the backfield on a consistent basis. Has excellent hand placement and understands how to use them effectively. Rarely out of position in run defense and makes an incredible amounts of stops near or behind the LOS. Is very quick and agile when rushing the passer.
Is a very smart and disciplined DT, that will sniff out the screens regularly and gets his hands up to deflect passes if he fails to get to the QB. Off the chart production despite being the most double teamed lineman in Div-1 Football. Extremely versatile, can play in both the 4-3 and 3-4 at several spots.

Cons: Needs to to a better time with leverage at times. Played in the Big-12 were O-Lineman are smaller than in the NFL due to the spread offenses used. Has had a serious knee injury that required surgery.

2: Gerald McCoy*, Oklahoma

Height: 6″4
Weight: 295

Pros: Solid size. Very good run defender that can also get after the QB. Does a very good job with leverage and hand placement in run defense and always keeps his head up locating the football. Is very diciplined and is rarely out of position going up field. Has the ability to get off the snap quickly and split blockers as well as shed linemen with passrushing moves. Has the speed to chase the QB down outside the pocket. Is very versatile as he can excel in both the 3-4 and the 4-3. Has very solid production in college even though he was double teamed on nearly every play. Is a vocal leader that will get his D motivated.

Cons: Doesnt posses the elite quickness you see in passrushing DTs. Could use some extra muscle going into the NFL. Disappeared at times in college. Played mostly against spread O-Lineman.

3: Dan Williams, Tennessee

Height: 6″2
Weight: 327

Pros: Big run stuffer. Very strong at the point of attack and can take on double teams consistantly. Is very good at locating the football and has the lateral agility to move quickly from gap to gap stopping the runner. Is a very good tackler who uses his size well when he brings down ballcarriers. Has a pretty good bullrush and also knows how to disengage from blockers with rip and swim move. Does a good job of collapsing the pocket up front in passing situations, giving the QB less room to step up. Has the ability to play the nose in both the 3-4 and the 4-3.

Cons: Doesnt have the speed or the explosion to be much of a presence when rushing the passer at the next level and has to prove he can get after the QB to stay on the field all three downs. Tends to give up at when engaged by double teams on passing downs. There’s rumors about questionable work ethics.

4. Jared Odrick, Penn State

Height: 6″5

Weight: 304

Pros: Tall penetrating tackle. Does a good job with levarage in the run game desoite his size. Has the ability to use his long arms to get off blockers and locate the ball. Is a very solid tackler and uses his range well covering a lot of ground when he stops the run. Gets skinny and splits double teams a lot and has a variety of passrushing moves in his repetoire. Is a smart defender that can deflect a lot of passes from the line of scrimmage when he doesnt get top the QB. Has the versatility to play in the 3-4 as well as the 4-3.

Cons: Doesnt have the elite explosion of the snap. Struggles a bit with his COD. Doesnt have the lateral agility to slip blockers when engaged with stronger linemen. Does not have the elite speed to chase down the QB when the pocket breaks down. Theres some rumors about poor work ethic and questionable charachter.

5: Brian Price*, UCLA

Height: 6″2
Weight: 303

Pros: Prototypical 4-3 UT. Is very explosive off the snap and is always the first on his D-Line to initiate contact. Has the ability to get into the backfield in a hurry, to either blow up the run or get to the QB. Is very good at using his leverage to hold the ground and to close lanes, has a low centre of gravity that he uses to his advantage. Is surprisingly strong.
Uses mostly his lateral agility to split linemen, but knows how to use his hands to disengage and has a very good rip move. Has the speed to chase down QBs for the sack. Has a motor that never stops and will keep coming the entire game.

Cons: Doesnt have the elite size for a tackle. Can struggle a bit when hes engaged and has to hold his ground in the run game consistently. Needs to do a better job finishing plays as he is missing some tackles in the backfield. Doesnt seem to posses elite balance as he prone to falling down going past a lineman. Limited to a 4-3 UT.

6: Lamarr Houston, Texas

7:  Tyson Alualu, California

8: Terrence Cody, Alabama

9: Linval Joseph, East Carolina

10: Cam Thomas, North Carolina

11: Arthur Jones, Syracuse

12: Geno Atkins, Georgia

13: Torrell Troup, UCF

14: Mike Neal, Purdue

15: Jeff Owens, Georgia

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Defensive Ends

This years crop of Defensive Ends is dominated by underclassmen at the top. Four of my top 5 decided to skip their senior seasons after impressive 2009 campaigns and make themselves eligible for the 2010 NFL Draft. Key word to describe this group is potential and several of them should have better pro than college careers.

Here are my top 15 Defensive Ends entering the Draft:

1: Derrick Morgan*, Georgia Tech

Height: 6″3
Weight: 270

Pros: Highly productive DE with a prototypical build and skill set for the position. Morgan is a very disciplined End who is rarely caught out of position in the run game. Has a very good first step and good explosion off the snap but does a good job of recognising the run and closing his gap back up. Has the strength to hold the line and disengage from blockers. Is a very solid tackler who always keeps his head up looking for the football. When rushing the passer he has the ability to beat the tackle with speed as well as strength. Does a good job utilizing a variety of pass rushing moves. Has a pretty good spin move. Has the speed to close down the Qb when flushed out of the pocket. has a very good motor and keeps hustling down the field. Great production at GT. Hasnt missed a start in his college career.

Cons: Struggles at times with proper technique as he gets tired. Is a bit inconsistent in his get off from the line. Seems to have some problems with balance at times which causes him to fall to the ground in pursuit and when trying to run the arch or chasing down ballcarriers. Has disappeared at times when facing tougher competition.

2: Brandon Graham, Michigan

Height: 6″1
Weight: 263

Pros: Highly productive and decorated End. Is a very good run defender who relies on his strong punch and explosive first step to make stops in the backfield. Has a very good motor and will keep hustling down field to make tackles. Is very alert and doesn’t get to aggressive and over run plays. Breaks down well in space and has very good COD and balance for a lineman. Does a very good job getting after the passer by running the arch around Tackles and has a very good spin move. When the coverage is there, he will get to the QB because of his relentless pressure. Was a leader at Michigan and the only two time MVP.

Cons: Lacks the size and wingspan of your even average DE. Might have to move to 3-4 OLB a position were he doesn’t have much experience. Relies too much on his speed when rushing the passer. Needs to do a better job with proper technique. Hasnt been that impressive in coverage despite dropping back at fair bit, something he would have to learn at 3-4 OLB.

3: Jason Pierre-Paul*, South Florida

Height: 6″6
Weight: 260

Pros: Has the elite measurables you look for in a top Defensive end. Has a very long reach that allows him to get his hands on tackles to redirect and make stops in the run game. He is also very good at using his length to take away running lanes. Has a very good first step and good explosion out of his stance. Once he is past the tackle he uses his long stride and high motor to flush the QB. Has a good swim move to get inside. Does a very good job of letting his long body get into passing lanes and stop passes.

Cons: Isnt sound enough technique wise to get off good blockers when engaged. Lunges too much when making tackles. Isnt really flexible and looks uncoordinated when on the chase. Can struggle with COD. Hasnt played much football and has never been with a team for more than a year.

4: Carlos Dunlap*, Florida

Height: 6″6
Weight: 290

Pros: Big defensive lineman with rare athleticism. From a physical standpoint, Dunlap offers everything you want in a dominant Defensive End. Has excellent strength to hold his own in the run game and has the ability to disengage with his long strong arms. Has very good lateral quickness and can use his long wing span to close running lanes.
Has a good first step and he’s the ability to beat the tackle around the edge as well as inside with strength. Does a good job of getting his hands up in the passing lanes to deflect passes. Gets up to speed fast and can really get after the QB out of the pocket. Tends to show up in big games.

Inconsistent effort and motor. Gives up on plays when it’s out of reach and rarely hustles down field. Doesnt fight off double teams and has been a poor run defender despite his physical stature. Gets lazy in technique and leverage which causes him to lose a lot of 1-1 battles with strong and technically sound linemen. Has some character issues, among them is a DUI 4 days before the Sec championship.

5: Everson Griffen*, USC

Height: 6″3
Weight: 278

Pros: Another gifted athlete with all the physical makeups. Has an elite first step with great explosion. Does a very good job when the run goes outside were he can use his speed and lateral quickness in space, but also appears to have the size to play the run when engaged. Breaks down well and is a pretty solid tackler. Has a wide variety off passrushing moves, but is at his best when he can use his speed around the edge and run the arch.
Can most likely play in both the 4-3 and 3-4.

Cons: Gets pushed back way to easily in the run game and seems uninterested in doing the “dirty work”. Is extremely inconsistent in everything he does from getting off the snap to holding off blockers. Can flat out dominate one moment and be taken out of the game without much effort the next. Has always been a great athlete, but apparently his work ethic doesn’t match. Was benched last year mid-season. Has character issues galore after several off-the field incidents.

6. Corey Wootton Northwestern

7. Austen Lane Murray State

8. Alex Carrington Arkansas State

9. Greg Hardy Ole Miss

10. Jermaine Cunningham Florida

11. Brandon Lang Troy

12. Kevin Basped Nevada

13. Clifton Geathers South Carolina

14. Lindsay Witten Connecticut

15. Daniel Te’o-Nesheim Washington

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